HARRISBURG - Write-in candidates swept both the Banner County commissioners' race and the race for county clerk during the general election on Tuesday.

Robin Darnall and Laif Anderson were two write-in candidates elected to the Banner County Commissioners board. Anderson received 254 votes and Darnall got 221. They defeated two republicans who won the primary election in May, Sharon Sandberg and Robert Post. Sandberg received 113 votes and Post ended with 108 votes. 

Another write-in candidate, Katie West, unseated Banner County Clerk Lisa Cross, 230-138. 

Kacy Krakow put together a successful petition drive to get on the county assessor ballot. She prevailed over incumbent Bernice Huffman, 292 - 80. In April, Huffman was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of attempted public indecency during an alcohol-fueled tryst at the Banner County Courthouse in December 2021.