SIDNEY - Award-winning Texas Christian recording artist Justin Todd Herod will be performing at the Fox Theatre in downtown Sidney at 7 p.m. Saturday.

"You'll enjoy the music," Herod said. "You'll enjoy the people. I believe that night is going to be a time where people can come in, sit down, and really listen, and really understand what's coming up in the next couple of months. It's going to be a season of hustle, bustle. A season of commercial. A season of 'where am I at? Why is everything moving so fast?' This will be a moment to take a breath and just sit down and say, 'what is the real reason that this season is coming upon us?' It's Christ. It's the Lord."

The concert is sponsored by The Well Church of Sidney. A free-will donation will be accepted as an entry fee. Proceeds will benefit Herod's ministry. 

Herod performs music labeled as "real, raw and from the heart. Hiss music traces its roots to his country roots, and his love for the simple people and places he knows. His songs speak to the working man, the farmer, the soldier and the one living in the small town.

"There'll be fun, there'll be laughs, there'll be tears," Herod said. "There'll be a lot of good things happen, but after everybody has left and it's all said and done, I believe that there will be a warmness in the heart of the people. I would love for you to come out."

When he sings from the heart, his message is for the broken and hurting who need to know the love of Jesus Christ, Herod says on his website, which is the main focus of his music. If you like real and from the heart country music with a southern edgy-ness, sung by a man whose heart is tender, you will cherish Herod's music and it’s message.