KIMBALL -- Long-time Kimball resident Jamie Murdoch will take one of the two open Kimball City Council seats at the end of the year. 

“I have always believed in being an active part of the community,” Murdoch says. “I was always raised that you should be a part of the solution, and at the very least, offer suggestions.” 

Since her youngest is graduating from high school, it has opened time for the opportunity to do her part to serve the community. 

Murdoch is looking forward to helping Kimball move in a positive direction by growing the town in new ways. Improving certain aspects of the town will attract new people of all demographics to the community, she says.

“I am very excited about all the potential that our community has right now,” Murdoch says. “We’re really sitting on the cusp of something that could be really great if we do it right. So, I just want to be a part of that.” 

She adds that the town can grow without losing the small-town feel that people may be afraid to lose. She chose to raise her family here because of the benefits of living in a small town. 

“I understand the hesitation,” she says. “Change is hard, and you don’t know who it’s going to bring. It’s a lot of unknown, and we need to be respectful and make sure that we are not forcing things down people’s throats that are not right for the majority.” 

Going into her position, Murdoch hopes to bring discussion and knowledge about the city matters because the public can learn a lot by having conversations during the meetings. 

“I’m excited and I’m looking forward to being on the council,” Murdoch says. “I believe in Kimball, so I want to see Kimball benefit in new and interesting ways.” 

Murdoch is the District Librarian and before that was a teacher for 10 years. She also used to be a dispatcher/jailer with the Kimball Sheriff’s Office and an EMT on the ambulance crew.