KIMBALL -- The Kimball City Council unanimously approved to install four stop signs at the intersection of 7th St. and High School St. 

In the June 18 meeting, Mayor John Morrison said residents have requested stop signs at that intersection. The new Clean Harbors apartments will also increase traffic in the area where a four-way stop will be beneficial in avoiding accidents. 

The discussion began with just adding a two-way stop and deciding which street to put it on. Currently with no stop signs, drivers traveling on High School St. are required to yield for those traveling on 7th St., but residents say that is not what happens. 

Stephanie Risk-McElroy and Barb Evensen who live on High School St. brought up their concerns about careless driving on that street. 

Evensen said, “Something has needed to be done there for a long time.”

Risk-McElroy said quite a bit of traffic comes from Vista Villa and the high school kids tend to race through that street, so she recommended a four-way stop.