SIDNEY - For four nights in December, Santa Claus parks his sled and reindeer and hops on board a cab-less fire truck with the Sidney Volunteer Fire Department to visit families in their homes ahead of Christmas. 

Families sign-up on the group's Facebook page and pay a minimum $30 donation that goes towards presents for kids, according to Sidney Volunteer Fire Department Chief LaVerne Bown.

"Santa grabs a present, takes it into the kids and gives it to the kids," Bown said. "We have little goody bags we put together. That's what that donation money is used for, too."

According to organizer Bonnie Leal, 75% of the donation is used to adopt families that may need a little extra help this year.

Bown said his kids growing up always loved it when Santa visited their house and the department volunteers enjoy it, too.

"As the chief, I think it's great," Bown said. "I like the publicity. I'm glad we can do some stuff for the community besides being out in somebody's worst situation. We're kind of out at a good time of year and helping people out."

Bown says Santa visit approximately 60-65 families per year. They wrapped up their ninth season of the Sidney Santa Truck on Saturday night.