NORFOLK -- A northeast Nebraska bowling alley is taking out some of its bowling lanes to expand the arcade and transform from a bowling alley into a family entertainment center.

Eight bowling alley lanes will be removed and replaced with two six-hole glow mini-golf courses, 17 more arcade games, and a prize store to go with the new arcade additions. The mini-golf courses will both glow with fluorescent lights and will be two separate themes. 

Carter Olson, the general manager at Cec King's Treasure Zone said that moving their prize redemption counter into a store will help streamline the prize process when they are busy.

Olson said that they have had some delays with supply chains. However, all the new attractions should still be open by summer. 

Owners say the most exciting new attraction coming to King's Treasure is a new Vex Virtual Reality (VR) Arena. The way that the arena is designed and set up will be the only virtual reality arena of that kind in Nebraska. The arena includes headsets and vests to make the experience more realistic. Olson said the vest "will make you feel things, maybe behind you, touching you". Olson said he is most excited about the VR arena.

Although the new attractions are compelling, Olson said it was a difficult decision to get rid of eight bowling lanes. He also mentioned that bowling leagues everywhere are not as big as they once were. It appears that the best thing for the future of King's Treasure is to advance to new technology that younger people will be interested in. 

Even though King's Treasure Zone is sparing some room by taking out bowling lanes, the new activities are still predicted to be a strike.