ILIFF, COLO. - Country music artist Braydon Zink returned to his home in Texas at 3 a.m. Monday after five shows in five days across the state, including a stop at the legendary Luckenbach in Luckenbach, Tex.

The five-show run for the Iliff, Colo. native was to promote his new album, "Time," that was released on all streaming services on Friday.

Zink said the title track is a song dedicated to his great grandfather. At the time he received a watch his great grandfather wore from his great grandmother, Zink didn't like to wear things on his wrist, so he displayed the watch on his guitar.

Unable to write a song about the watch, Zink called his dad for inspiration. 

"'You're a song writer, Braydon, why haven't you wrote a song about your dad?'", Zink said. "He guilt-tripped me into that. I joke about that, but really, he said that and that's all I needed. I haven't wrote a song for my dad, my grandpas, nor my great grandfathers. My two grandpas, and my dad, are the three hardest working men I've ever met in my life." 

The track is one of nine new songs released in his latest album. Zink, who writes his own music, says the songs cover real-life situations from love, to heartbreak, to party songs.

One of those tracks, that almost didn't make it on the album, is about a relationship he threw away and messed up.

"I met someone in a bar somewhere and they said, 'what's your name?'," Zink said. "I said, 'Braydon Zink.' They said, 'Are you from Colorado? I know your ex-girlfriend.' Oh my gosh, I can't go anywhere. I moved 900 miles away, so that inspired that song."

Listeners can learn more about Zink and hear his new music at

Zink is back on the road Thursday at The Rustic Downtown in Houston, Tex.

He performed in front of an estimated 600 people at Sidney's Downtown Sounds last summer. The Cheyenne County Chamber announced last month Luke Mills and the Dylan Bloom Band will open Downtown Sounds this summer on June 10.