SIDNEY, Neb. — A small-town mother in the Nebraska Panhandle is finding a new way to support her family -- OnlyFans.

Lisa Tooley, who lives in Sidney, says she has built a six-figure yearly income on OnlyFans, which is an online content-creation service. The website allows creators to share a variety of types of content -- often mature -- that users can subscribe to, giving creators a chance to make monthly income.

“It started out I was making about $5,000 extra dollars a month, but at this pace it’s going to be well over six figures a year,” Tooley said.

Tooley says she worked at Cabela's before it was bought and many people in town lost their jobs. 

“I did work at Cabela’s, I owned liquor stores and none of that ended up panning out,” Tooley said.

Tooley said she and her partner got the idea to start an OnlyFans account after seeing a news story about a mom making money from the site. Tooley says her partner is 100 percent supportive and that it was partially his idea.

“This town is very small and there’s not a lot of opportunity,” Tooley said. “I just dabbled in it a little bit and about December is when I really started marketing myself and branding myself and it has blown up almost worldwide at this point."

Tooley said the hardest part about her business is doing it in the small town where she grew up.

“I think the people that know me, because I did grow up in this town, know that I am a wonderful mother, and I am a good person too," Tooley said. "I am always doing things for other people. This isn’t something where I’m not thinking about my family. I am doing it to make money and many people have called and said they are proud of me. I do have people who have sent mean comments or said a couple hateful things thinking that it’s inappropriate or I don’t have my family's best interest at heart, which absolutely is not true.”

Tooley said working on OnlyFans has given her the opportunity to be a better mom and spend more time with her children. She also said her kids are happy with her online job because she can always be home and give them her undivided attention.

“They’ve seen some of my TikTok videos,” Tooley said. “It’s nothing inappropriate that children shouldn’t see. If some of their friends are on TikTok, I’ll block all of them. I just don’t want them getting made fun of or harassed. So, I do try to stay ahead of it and make sure they’re okay."

Tooley said her TikTok blew up overnight and within the first month she had 80,000 followers and a video with 2.5 million views. However, Tooley said her account was deleted because people were reporting her content. 

“I get so many people who are jealous and hateful,” Tooley said.

Tooley said her goal is to retire in two years, and she wants to be making at least $100,000 dollars a month by the end of the year. She also says other brands are reaching out to her for modeling clothes or advertising their product. 

“It’s actually been very fantastic and I’m super happy and positive about the opportunities it’s been bringing,” Tooley said. "It’s not always going to be OnlyFans, but that’s where it’s starting.”

Tooley says every decision she makes is for her family and she does not mind if people have negative opinions about what she does. 

“If you know me, you know I’m a great person and don’t judge me before you know what’s going on,” Tooley said. “I take care of my kids. I would never put them in danger and I would never put my family in danger. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a great opportunity for my family.”