STERLING - A northern Colorado vice principal is swapping middle schoolers for prisoners.

Mike Holloway will be the new supervisor of all educational programing at the Sterling Correctional Facility.

He is taking the job after spending the last 28 years at the middle school. Holloway has been a social studies teacher, PE teacher and eventually vice principal until his final day at the school on Friday.

On top of his middle school duties, Holloway coached the Tigers boy’s basketball at the high school for 19 years.

Holloway says he knew this was going to be his last year coaching basketball, but he didn’t expect to be leaving the middle school.

“The part here at the Middle School, I wasn’t expecting that, and then this opportunity came up,” said Holloway, “I looked into it and prayed about it, and I decided to take a leap and that’s where we’re at”

Holloway is from Sterling and attended the same middle school where he works.

“Being in the same place for so long and to be able to have now, and for the last several years, kids in the middle school now, whose parents I had as students," Holloway said. “It’s cool to have their parents come in at teacher-parent conferences and be able to talk about, 'hey, when I had you as a student...'"

Holloway said the highlight of his career has been building those relationships with families.

Holloway is excited about his new position although he noted it is a big change.

“I’m not a guy that likes a lot of change," said Holloway. “I’ve been here for 28 years, so it’s definitely a little bit nerve-racking… I’m excited to do something different and be in a different environment, meet new people, build new and different relationships.”

Holloway said he will miss the kids the most.