SIDNEY, Neb. -- A doctor in the Panhandle is re-retiring after 41 years.

Dr. Clinton B. Dorwart is retiring from his family medicine practice in Sidney and Chappell.

“As I used to tell people, we take care of you from the womb to the tomb,” Dorwart said.

Dorwart is re-retiring because he already retired from working five days a week, but he still worked one day a week with senior citizens. 

Dorwart said he bought the practice where he worked in Chappell in 1986. When he retired, he said, he still felt obligated to continue working there. 

Dorwart says there have been big changes in his field over the 41 years of his career.

“A lot of surgical procedures are a heck of a lot different than when I started,” Dorwart said.

Dorwart said he has delivered well over 100 babies in his career.

“The biggest thing was always delivering babies,” said Dorwart, “It was really cool watching new parents and kids… watching kids be a baby all the way up to high school”.

Dorwart raised four kids in Sidney and said his favorite thing about the town is how few stoplights there are.

“There are five stoplights in Sidney and I know how to get around all of them,” said Dorwart.

Dorwart also likes Sidney because of how small the town is and how he was able to build relationships with patients.

“One of the nice things is some of you patients end up being your friends, said Dorwart “It’s nice seeing them around, and seeing them on the street or having them over to your house”.

Dorwart said the best advice he can give to people going into medicine is to enjoy what you do.

“I’ve had a good life. I can’t complain. The Lord was good to me,” Dorwart said.