LODGEPOLE - Strong, gusty winds wreaked havoc on travelers again in the southern Nebraska Panhandle Thursday morning.

Cheyenne County Sheriff Adam Frerichs said his office responded to three different accidents on Interstate 80 in 15 minutes on Thursday. Each having to do with the high winds. 

The first accident near mile-marker 70 involved a pickup pulling a camper trailer. The camper was blown over and blocked both lanes of the interstate for 10 minutes while the Sidney Volunteer Fire Department removed it from the road.

Another camper being pulled by a pickup tipped on its side and blocked one of the westbound lanes on I-80, at mile marker 69, west of Lodgepole around 10:15 a.m. 

A vehicle pulling an ultra-light airplane on a trailer near Sunol was blown off the road and into a nearby ditch. The trailer separated from the pickup. 

There were no injuries reported in the three accidents. 

Winds out of the north were sustained at 44 mph, with gusts at 66 mph, at the time of the accidents. A high wind warning remained in place for Cheyenne County until 9 p.m. Thursday.

Frerichs says the driver of a pickup pulling a camper lost control of the vehicle in gusty winds on Wednesday and attempted to slowdown at mile marker 61. While slowing down, a semi-tractor-trailer ran into the back of the camper. There were no injuries reported.