SIDNEY - The significant, prolonged wind event striking the southern Nebraska Panhandle claimed another rooftop at approximately 12:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

A block of Illinois Street, from 10th to 11th Ave, became littered in debris when a portion of the roof above KISST Organics ripped off and fell onto the road and sidewalk below. Debris from the damaged roof could be seen as far as two blocks south of Illinois Street.

The Sidney Police Department and Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office diverted traffic around the scene while City of Sidney employees cleared the road. The road will remain closed until at least Friday morning, due to debris still falling from the roof.

Police Chief Joe Aikens says they'll keep the road closed until the wind dies down and the building owners can assess the damage. Aikens says it's unknown the amount of damage to the building and if anything inside is exposed to the elements. 

Flood Communications Sales Manager, Justin Richards, was driving his Chevy pickup on Illinois Street in front of KISST Organics when the roof came crashing down.

The business is located near the News Channel Nebraska studios. Reporter Sara McCoy said she heard a ripping and crashing sound at the time of incident. Shortly after, she says black roofing material could be seen flying through the air.

A high wind warning remained in effect for the Sidney area until 9 p.m. Thursday. Winds were out of the northwest at 43 mph, with gusts of 71 mph, when the roof was damaged.

Peak wind gusts at noon Thursday were at 63 mph in Torrington, 59 mph in Kimball and 58 mph in Scottsbluff. 

The gusty winds on Wednesday damaged the roof of an apartment building owned by Sidney Properties on 11th Ave.