HARRISBURG— Two elected county officials are serving 10-days of jail time after being found guilty of public indecency.

According to court records, on December 8th, 2021, 58-year-old Monty Stoddard, Banner County Treasurer; 48-year-old Bernice Huffman, County Assessor; and 32-year-old Caily Reece, Courthouse Employee were all three accused of sexual acts and drinking alcohol at the Banner County Courthouse.

Both officials and employee were all facing misdemeanor charges of public indecency and consumption of alcohol on public property. 

Stoddard, Huffman, and Reece all pled no contest during their arraignment and were found guilty of public indecency. The charge for consumption of alcohol on public property was dropped.

After the employees were deemed guilty, the Banner County Commissioners voted to censure Stoddard and Huffman during their meeting in April.

According to court records, during their sentencing on Friday May 20th, Stoddard and Reece were fined $950, and Huffman was fined $940. Stoddard and Huffman were sentenced to 10-days in jail, and all three employees were sentenced to one-year probation.

Both Stoddard and Huffman are up for re-election for their current positions in November.