SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. — A walk for missing Panhandle man Chance Englebert will be on July 10th. 

The coordinator for the event Monica Ream said people are meeting at 9 a.m. behind the YMCA on Monument Pathway.

Chance Englebert went missing from Gering, NE three years ago on July 6th.

Read said the walk is in support of Englebert’s loved ones and to remind the community that the investigation is still ongoing.

The last known sighting of Englebert was video surveillance of him walking down the street near Western Travel Terminal Truck Stop at 822 S Beltline Hwy W Scottsbluff.

“When people are walking on the path that he walked, they can try to put themselves in his footsteps,” Ream said.

Ream said she hasn’t given up hope at all and believes Englebert could still come back.

“I know some people have lost hope,” Ream said. “They refer to him in the past tense, but I’m still hoping.”

Englebert went missing at 25 years old and is now 28.

Ream said she and other members of the community encourage people to call the Gering Police with any information they have.

“I would love people to come out,” Ream said. “It’s also to let law enforcement know that we support their efforts, and we encourage law enforcement to keep at it.”

Ream said they will also be accepting donations to keep the billboard of Englebert up on Highway 71 in Scottsbluff.