SIDNEY, Neb. — A Panhandle community is working toward becoming a Creative District.

Nebraska Community Foundation Consultant Becky Boesen is visiting Sidney to meet with community members to get their opinion on what makes Sidney unique.

“We are talking to people about what dreams they have for the future, and what gifts and talents they have to share with a future creative district,” Boesen said.

The Nebraska Arts Council helps towns become a creative district to provide communities with the opportunity for funding and growth.

Boesen said the funds can be used on whatever the city decides is best if it fits in the creative district.

“There's a sense of resilience, and entrepreneur spirit here,” Boesen said. “There’s a lot of really unique creative enterprise already happening and so seeing that growth is really exciting.”

Boesen is working on a workbook to build Sidney’s creative district application. 

Boesen said when the workbook is finished, the Nebraska Arts Council will put together a panel that will review the workbook and either take the next step toward certification or provide feedback for Sidney to build off of.

“The resilience in Sidney actually has led to really fantastic innovation and a spirit of moving forward into the future with intense localization,” Boesen said. “That’s the type of community people want to live in, visit, and go on vacations to.”

If the application is accepted, Sidney will receive $10,000 in funding and have the opportunity to create a strategic plan to grow as a community and apply for the next grant of $250,000 with that plan next year.

“People want to come where exciting things are happening and you can really see that occurring here,” Boesen said.