After a difficult start to the season for the Northeastern Plainswomen volleyball team, they were able to come out swinging against the North Platte Community College and Laramie County Community College.  Both teams lost in 3-0 fashion as NJC came ready to play.  After the pair of wins, NJC now has an overall record of 3-3.  Next up for the Plainswomen is the Salt Lake Community College Invitational in Utah.  Northeastern will compete in 4 games during that tournament.

(Game Recap 8/26) Plainswomen vs. North Platte Community College = Won 3-0

Set #1 NJC-25 NPCC-17 (Won)

Set #2 NJC-25 NPCC-17 (Won)

Set #3 NJC-25 NPCC-20 (Won)

Breakdown: The North Platte Knights were no match for the Northeastern Plainswomen, with NJC coming out strong and finishing with a three-set sweep. Freshman Gabby Oos led the court offensively with 7 kills, freshman Annika Helf and sophomore Taylor Wiescamp were close behind with 6 kills with sophomore Lacy Hunt and Sidney Bills adding a combined 10 kills. Emma Meyer was able to serve the Knights off the court with 12 aces. Defensively with Plainswomen were able to pick up many digs across the roster and shut down many of North Platte's heavy hitters with a total of 18 blocks. Allie Schumacher and Emma Meyer led the way for assists with a combined 22 assists.

(Game Recap 8/30) Plainswomen vs. Laramie Community College = Won 3-0

Set #1 NJC-25 LCCC-16 (Won)

Set #2 NJC-25 LCCC-12 (Won)

Set #3 NJC-25 LCCC-21 (Won)

Breakdown: Northeastern was on-point all night against LCCC.  With a combination of solid defense and timely kills, LCCC was on their heels all night.  Freshman Annika Helf led the way with 12 kills while Sidney Bills tallied 6.  Sophomore Allie Schumacher had 19 assits in the win.  Grace Yoder had 10 digs while 2nd year player Lacy Hunt came up with 7.  NJC ended with a kill percentage of .296.

NJC Plainswomen Compete in New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico...

(Game Recap 8/19) Plainswomen vs. Odessa College = Loss 0-3

Set #1 NJC-20 OC-25 (Loss)

Set #2 NJC-36 OC-38 (Loss)

Set #3 NJC-11 OC-25 (Loss)

Breakdown: NJC made the Wrangler's earn their points in the first two sets, even making the Wranglers have to earn 38 points in a long winded second set, but after giving so much in the first two sets, they lost their tight grip on the Wranglers letting them run away with their lead for the win. Sophomore Lacy Hunt and freshman Annika Helf led the way offensively with a combined 20 kills, Gabby Oos added 5 kills of her own while sophomores Taylor Wiescamp and Kelsie Walker combined for 4 kills.  On the defensive front, NJC picked up several digs that allowed the Plainswomen to give Odessa a run for their money. Sophomore Allie Schumacher and freshman Emma Meyer led the way for assists with a combined 26, 22 of those from Allie Schumacher.  Overall, NJC recorded 56 digs, 15 of those were from freshman Grace Yoder with Annika Helf close behind with 13 digs.

(Game Recap 8/19) Plainswomen vs. New Mexico Military Insititute = Loss 1-3

Set #1 NJC-14 NMMI-25 (Loss)

Set #2 NJC-25 MCC-21(Won)

Set #3 NJC-18 MCC-25 (Loss)

Set #4 NJC-17 NMMI-25 (Loss)

Breakdown: The Northeastern Plainswomen made their presence known during their match against New Mexico Military Institute. The Plainswomen were able to take a set away from the preseason ranked #2 Broncos. However, NMMI was able to take their lead and not look back, defeating the Plainswomen in four sets. Freshman Annika Helf led the Plainswomen offensively with 16 kills. Sophomore Lacy Hunt was able to add 7 of her own kills with freshman Divine Faith Faleao adding 5 kills herself.  On the defensive side, NJC obtained multiple digs with freshman Grace Yoder leading with 15 and Lacy Hunt close behind with 10. Overall, Northeastern was able to obtain 52 digs. Sophomore Allie Schumacher and freshman Emma Meyer led the way for assists with a combined 34. 

(Game Recap 8/20) Plainswomen vs. Eastern Arizona College = Loss 0-3

Set #1 NJC-23 EAC-25 (Loss)

Set #2 NJC-15 EAC-25 (Loss)

Set #3 NJC-18 EAC-25 (Loss)

Breakdown: NJC made the Gila Monsters work for each point in set 1, losing by two. However, the Plainswomen lost their rhythm in sets 2 and 3 letting the Gila Monsters take the win. Sophomore Lacy Hunt and freshman Annika Helf led offensively with a combined 17 kills, while Gabby Oos and Taylor Wiescamp were able to add a combined 6 kills. On the defensive side, Northeastern was still able to pick up many of what Eastern Arizona had to throw at them, with a combined 40 digs and many plainswomen picking up digs. Allie Schumacher and Emma Meyer was able to obtain a combined total of 29 assists, 19 of those being the freshman setter Emma Meyer

(Game Recap 8/20) Plainswomen vs. Amarillo College = Won 3-0

Set #1 NJC-25 AC-17 (Won)

Set #2 NJC-25 AC-23 (Won)

Set #3 NJC-27 AC-9 (Won)

Breakdown: The Plainswomen let the Badgers hang in the first two sets, but the third set Northeastern sent the Badger's packing. Freshman Annika Helf and sophomore Taylor Wiescamp were each able to add 6 kills of their own with a combined 12 kills. Sophomores Sidney BillsCaley Harper, and Lacy Hunt were able to give 5 kills as well, along with freshman Divine Faith Faleao adding 5 kills. Defensively, NJC was unmatched with several digs and blocks for a defense that could not be stopped. Freshman Annika Helf led with 14 digs and freshman Grace Yoder was not far behind with 12, with a total of 60 total digs for the Plainswomen. Allie Schumacher was able to obtain 16 assists and Emma Meyer with 17, for a total of 36 assists. The Plainswomen finished the weekend with a record of 1-3 overall.

NJC Starts Golf Season at McCook

The NJC Plainsmen and Plainswomen teams started off their 22-23 Fall golf season in McCook this past week.  Several of last year's top golfers are back again and looking to reach the same goal of getting to Nationals as a team.  Being the first tournament back for the season showed as NJC struggled to put together good rounds and finished last in the tournament.  The women's team took a DNF as they only had three ladies compete.  Next up for the golf team travels to Riverton, Wyoming to compete in another 2-day tournament where they look to bounce back and play some better golf.  Tee times are 1pm on Thursday, September 8th and 9am on Friday, September 9th.

Men's Results

Jackson Rottschafer - 160 (79 & 81) 15th Place

Alex Tanner - 164 (79 & 85) Tied 19th Place

Trey Kuntz - 168 (86 & 82) 24th Place

Jace Wright - 169 (86 & 83) 25th Place

Dylan DiOrio - 172 (84 & 88) 28th Place

Philip Arnold - 176 (82 & 94) Tied 32nd Place


Women's Results

Annabelle Flores - 210 (109 & 101) 8th Place

Madison Amen - 256 (129 & 127) 11th Place

Brooklyn Davis - Withdrew