BROADWATER, Neb. -- A Morrill County man pleads not guilty to the murder of his father.

On Aug. 8, the Morrill County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska State Patrol responded to a shooting incident in Broadwater. 

The 911 call reported that 32-year-old Joseph Bennet shot his father, 57-year-old Rodney Bennet. 

The reporting caller told police Joseph Bennet showed up to her house and shot his father twice.

Rodney Bennet was transported to Morrill County Hospital where he died due to his injuries.

Authorities reported placing Joseph Bennet in custody. The Sheriff's Office said he told police they were arguing; and he grabbed the pistol on top of the fridge and shot Rodney twice.

Police said they noticed a .22 on top of the fridge with two spent shell casings and four live rounds.

Investigators interviewed Joseph Bennet who reported that Rodney Bennet was drunk and the two were arguing about chores. Joseph Bennet allegedly said he grabbed the gun from the top of the fridge and stood in front of Rodney Bennet. 

Officials said that Joseph Bennet told them Rodney Bennet grabbed the arms of the chair as if he was going to stand up and come after him, then Joseph fired the two rounds and drove to his grandma's house.

Joseph Bennet is charged with first-degree murder and the use of a firearm to commit a felony.

On Sept. 6 Joseph Bennet pleaded not guilty to both felony charges. Joseph Bennet has his pretrial scheduled for Nov. 7.