POTTER, Neb. — Potter Community Group honors a previous Potter citizen and awards the community service of a current citizen.

During the Potter Days annual celebration of Potter, the community appreciates their growing town.

Potter Community Group Chairman Kirk Enevoldson said Potter has been successful throughout the years because of how many citizens get involved in community service.

During Potter Days, Enevoldson was able to show his appreciation to a community member by giving out the Jay Stecher Community Service Award.

Enevoldson said Stecher was born and raised in Potter and served in the Vietnam war for four years as a medic. When Stecher returned home he founded and organized the Potter-Dix Booster Club and the Potter Community Improvement Group. Enevoldson said Stecher also started the “Potter Pride” database that was a group of over 100 volunteers.

Enevoldson said Stecher died in 1998 after an extended battle with cancer. Stecher sold his house before he died and requested that all the proceeds from his house were donated to the Potter Community Improvement Group to be used for marketing and publicity expenses.

This year, Enevoldson gave the Jay Stecher Community Service Award to Jim (J.R) Yearous. 

Enevoldson said Yearous is the president of the Good Times Rodeo Club, serves as the announcer at the rodeo events, helps with the maintenance of the grounds, coordinates fundraising and lining up sponsorships and helps schedule the roping and rodeo competitions. 

Enevoldson said Yearous organized and brought a Miniature Bull Riding event to Potter and developed and built the new rodeo grounds. Yearous also organized the Merlin Heidemann Bronc Riding Event and is a member of the Potter Lions Club and Potter Community Improvement Group (PCI).

“Stecher would be so proud of you for all of your volunteer efforts,” Enevoldson said. “We especially appreciate that you have put Potter on the map with all of your contacts in the rodeo world.”

Enevoldson said it’s because of people like Yearous, who truly care about the community, that Potter is viewed as a great place to live and raise a family.