SIDNEY, Neb. — The Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce has hired a new chamber president, with Toshia Jones having now served in the position for about a month.

“Something that I was really looking forward to is diving in and getting to know the community,” Jones said. “I’m not from here, so getting involved was really something I wanted to do, and this position allows me to do that.”

Jones moved to Sidney from northwest Missouri about two years ago.

“I’m from a small town about the size of Chappell,” Jones said. “To me, community is everything. That’s really why I want to be a part of this position, and small towns are what makes U.S.A.”

Jones said during her first two years in the area, she had less opportunity to be involved.

“When I moved here, I worked in Colorado,” Jones said. “I never really got to be involved in Cheyenne County. With this position, I’m allowed to jump in and get involved in all different community events.”

Jones said she wants to educate the community on what the main goals of the chamber are.

“I think the biggest challenge right now is trying to make sure people know what we do. So, we’re for businesses, but then also at the end of the day we’re here for a bigger reason we’re here for Cheyenne County,” Jones said. “We’re here to promote businesses but anyone can be involved in that.”

Jones said she has some events promoting small businesses coming up this holiday season. She said she enjoys the chamber’s summer event of Downtown Sounds and plans to build on the event to make it bigger for next year.

Next Monday, Sept. 26, Jones is hosting an open house at the Chamber building in Sidney from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

“I’m hoping to bring more people in the chamber,” Jones said. “I know a lot of people have never even been here and I’m really excited to show some people around as far as what the chamber actually looks like.”