POTTER, Neb. — The Potter-Dix volleyball team is on a hot streak for the season with a 12-1 record.

Third year Head Coach Keri Mendoza said having 20 girls on the team is a lot for a small school. Of those 20 girls, seven are seniors.

“I believe our older girls this year have progressed, they have a mental toughness and confidence that has grown with their age,” Mendoza said. “Their team leadership and along with the way they treat each other on the court has changed immensely this year.”

The senior girls on the team agreed their favorite part about volleyball is the relationships they build. 

Senior Tyenne Berner said, “I think having everyone with you by your side when you mess up and having support to cheer yourself up and knowing you’re going to celebrate the next accomplishment that you have helps to keep reaching up to the win.”

The girls had their first loss of the season against Wallace Tuesday night.

“I believe last night against Wallace our passing just wasn’t there,” Mendoza said, “Our mental game totally changed, they just weren’t prepared mentally to get on the court and fight for the win.”

The Potter-Dix Coyotes lost set one 25-21 and set two 25-15.

The senior girls agreed that experiencing their first loss will help them be more competitive down the road.

Senior Kailey Nicklas said, “Last night with our loss it was mostly a mental game and I think it will teach us to get out of our own heads, pull ourselves together, and work as a team.”

Mendoza said the girls have some tough games coming up in their schedule.

“I told them, 'go home and sleep on it tomorrow we’re going to hit practice pretty hard, and I want to know how you’re going to bounce back from our first loss of the season',” Mendoza said.

Mendoza said being a smaller school means the girls have to work extra hard to keep up with bigger schools.

“You have to move really quick and work extra hard when you’re short, and our girls do, our defense is amazing,” Mendoza said. “We’re going to see some tougher teams coming up, I think they know that things won’t be easy and they’re going to have to fight for it.”

The Coyotes have their next game at home against Banner County Friday night.