SIDNEY, Neb. -- The Cheyenne County Fair Board had some controversy at their latest meeting on Monday, Sept. 26. 

The board and concerned members of the community sat down at 6:30 p.m. to talk about the recent fair and rodeo and how they can make the event better for 2023.

Community member Ryan Filsinger expressed his concerns on wanting the board to be financially smart with their rodeo.

“This year's PRCA rodeo was about $38,000 for a one-night rodeo,” Filsinger said. “There are a couple other options for rodeo vendors and stock contractors out there. The Nebraska State Rodeo Association (NSRA) is another route that the fair board could go as an option, it is significantly cheaper. From a business standpoint that’s not a bad thing to look at something that is cheap and more cost effective, especially if you’re going to have the same amount of numbers in your stands.”

Filsinger said he wants the fair board to have a better understanding of their options.

“I wasn’t there to sell the NSRA or sell the PRCA, I wanted to present the facts,” Filsinger said

Fair Board Treasurer Kip Miller said after the meeting he understands that the community and the fair board share the same goal of creating more community involvement in the future for the Cheyenne County Fair.

Miller said the fair board is working with a new derby provider to help grow the derby, as well as getting a liquor license for the fairgrounds.

“We’re looking at trying to get a carnival back, get a derby, and a concert,” Miller said. “All that is in the works, nothing is set and final yet. All I ask is that everybody gives us a chance to get our stuff together and make sure we get the best bang for our buck.”

Miller said if anybody had questions about the fair board budget, they can reach out to him.

“We’re all on the same page,” Miller said. “We’re willing to share all our information; we’re not trying to hide anything from anybody.”

Miller invites anybody who has questions or is interested in learning about the fair board to attend a meeting. Meetings are held at the fairgrounds at 6:30 p.m. every fourth Monday of the month.

“If people want to come down and voice their opinions, we’d rather have them do that then call us out on Facebook,” Miller said. “That doesn’t help anybody, it just makes everybody mad and angry.”

Miller said anybody with any questions can also call a fair board member or reach out to them on Facebook.

Miller and the rest of the fair board said they appreciate the public's opinions.

The board spoke until midnight about new ideas for the fair.

“With what happened last night, I am very excited to see where it goes for the next year,” Filsinger said.