SIDNEY, Neb. — Police in the Panhandle found and medically aided a wounded man lying on a Sidney roadway.

On Monday, Sidney Police officers responded to a victim who had been stabbed lying on Illinois Street

Police reported there were multiple people on scene giving the victim aid. One person on scene advised police officers that the woman who reportedly stabbed the victim was in her apartment.

The stabbing victim reportedly told police they had been stabbed with a knife by 41-year-old Rena Willburn, and that she still had the knife with her.

Police officials said officers knocked on the apartment door, at which point she exited the apartment through a different entrance. SPD reported drawing their firearms and giving Willburn oral commands. 

After she was arrested, Willburn reportedly told police the victim stabbed themselves so she would get arrested, and that the victim struck her in the face.

The man who was stabbed was transported to Sidney Regional Medical Center where they told police an argument between the two broke out in the apartment and Willburn struck them multiple times with the knife and repeatedly said she was going to kill him. The victim also told police she took his cell phone and closed him in a room, preventing them from getting care for their wounds for about one hour. 

The man said when Willburn later went to go speak to the neighbors, they ran out of the apartment and downstairs.

Witnesses reported hearing an argument, noting that they also heard the man say, "you stabbed me," and asking for Willburn to call 911.

Police said witnesses told them that they went to knock on the door and heard Willburn tell the man to remain quiet. Willburn reportedly later told witnesses that the man was "fine" and "drunk". The witnesses also reportedly saw the stabbing victim fleeing the apartment.