SIDNEY, Neb. — The Sidney School Administration has finalized a new learning plan to focus on three main development categories.

The Administration has been working to update their strategic learning plan. Director of Curriculum Assessment and Instruction, Sheri Ehler is presenting the new learning plan to the school board on Monday at 5:30 p.m.

This plan focuses on three main topics: learning, culture, and future. Through focusing on these, the main goal of the strategic plan is to turn students into confident learners who are more prepared for the future.

“The strategic plan, with the mission statement 'being a confident and powerful learner,' means we do want to give kids more opportunities where they are getting to have real life experiences but also get to learn about things they are interested in,” Ehler said.

Sidney High School Assistant Principal Tess Plummer said the focus for upperclassmen has development from day-to-day routine structure to a more flexible schedule where students can take time out of the school day to participate in an internship in a career field that interests them. This guides students to be more responsible.

Ehler said students are exploring careers and not necessarily selecting careers to learn about what they like to do.

“They feel confident that regardless of what they chose to do in their next steps or in the future, that they know they can do anything,” Ehler said.

Ehler said the updated strategic plan has more input from the district and highlights the efforts that the faculty and students have been doing all along.

“When we make decisions about programming for students, support for teachers, or advancements throughout the future in curriculum for our kids, we’re going to place our priorities; time, money, and all of those resources into those three strategies,” Ehler said.

Ehler said when the school can focus on learning, culture, and future it provides the students with a good education and sets them up for success in the future.

“Those three are important to every stakeholder; our students, their families, our teachers, our school board, and our community,” Ehler said.

Ehler said the Strategic Learning Plan will continue to develop in the future.

“I do believe in constant and continuous improvement, and I do know that there are even more great ideas that are not represented yet and we want to leave room for that growth,” Ehler said.