A federal jury has found a Pine Ridge man guilty of 1st-degree murder in a killing on the reservation nearly 3 years ago. 

      Sentencing for 29-year-old Colton Bagola won’t take place until a presentence investigation is completed, but the conviction carries a mandatory term of life in prison.

      Bagola was initially charged with 2nd-degree murder in the Dec 17, 2019, death of 30-year old Sloane Bull Bear, also of Pine Ridge, but the count was upped to 1st-degree or premeditated murder about a month later.

     Investigators said Bagola shot Bull Bear in the back of the head in the early morning hours after having told several people about “wanting to kill somebody” and “needing to take a soul.”

      He fled the scene and law enforcement searched him for several days before family members contacted authorities and said he was at his grandmother’s home in Rapid City. When police arrived, Bagola barricaded himself inside, but surrendered after a brief standoff.