Here's a list of high school athletes from the Nebraska panhandle, northeast Colorado, and southeast Wyoming who've signed to play collegiate athletics.

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Danika Hassel, Chadron State volleyball
Kolby Houchin, Concordia University football


Olivia Loomis-Goltl, University of Northern Colorado basketball
Grace Dean, Doane University track and field

Creek Valley

Samantha Marin, Chadron State College cross country and track & field


Ella Rotherham, North Platte Community College volleyball
Alex Gonzalez-Orozco, Western Nebraska Community College volleyball
Grady Robbins, Chadron State football
Mitch Moravec, Black Hills State football

Hay Springs

Gage Mintken, Chadron State football


Theron Miller, Chadron State football and track and field


Michael Kepler, Hastings College cheerleading


Harry Caskey, Air Force Academy football
Lindee Henning, South Dakota cross country and track and field
Caden Rezac, Northeast Community College baseball


Carter Reisig, Western Nebraska Community College baseball
Nielli Heinold, Long Island golf
Paige Horne, University of Nebraska-Omaha basketball
Taylor Hafeman, North Central Michigan College volleyball
Mariah Russel, Western Nebraska Community College soccer


Karsyn Leeling, University of Nebraska track and field
Katie Ramsey, Oklahoma State University equestrian 
Brooklyn Brandt, Hastings College cross country
Grace Weber, Concordia University dance
Talissa Tanquary, University of Nebraska-Kearney cross country and track and field
Chloe Ahrens, University of Nebraska-Omaha track and field