KIMBALL, Neb.- Three familiar faces to Kimball are bidding farewell to the community and the county. Outgoing Sheriff Harry Gillway, outgoing Jail Administrator Linda Williams and outgoing County Commissioner Larry Engstrom were celebrated today at the Kimball County Transportation Services building.

In the reception held this afternoon, the public was invited to wish the public servants well in the next chapter of life.

"For the first month or two I'm going to stay home and do things I didn't have time to do for the past 37 year," Williams said before she laid out a long term plan. "I might look for a part-time job just to give me something to do because I'm so used to working," Williams mentioned before committing to spend more time with her daughter, her grand kids and her great grand kids more often.

Outgoing Sheriff Gillway also said he will not retire out right, but plans to spend more time where he grew up and started his career 42 years ago.

"I have a boat, and eventually me and my boat will end up somewhere between Florida and Maine," Gillway said.  Both Gillway and Williams have a lot of good memories with the Sheriff's Office and said they would miss.

"The people, and not just the people I work with, the county people. I have so many friends here in this county and they have just been fantastic and supported me 100%," Gillway said, reflecting on his time as Sheriff.