SUTHERLAND, Neb. -- Two Sutherland men were injured after an explosive went off early Monday morning.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said officers were dispatched to a local hospital after a 47-year-old man came into the Emergency Room with a reported gunshot wound or was a victim of some kind of explosion. 

Officers said the man told them that his friend was messing with something metal and it had exploded. The man reported that his friend might have lost part or most of his hand from the explosion.

According to authorities, the other man that was hurt from the explosion was contacted. He is 55-year-old Charles Tederman and he reportedly told officers he was messing around with a high-powered rifle shell and a piece of metal.

Officials said Tederman had dropped both items and the shell went off. He suffered disabling injuries to his hand and was taken to another hospital for treatment.

LCSO said a search warrant was used at Tederman's home. They reportedly found multiple items that seemed to be explosive devices. The Nebraska State Patrol Bomb Technicians were called in to help remove the items.

Police said they took multiple firearms and a large amount of ammunition from Tederman's home. Tederman is prohibited from having them.

The investigation continues and charges are pending.