SIDNEY, Neb.- While snow totals may never be known due to the high winds and drifting, something every Sidney resident can agree upon is that there is A LOT of snow following Tuesday's blizzard.

While temperatures were in the mid 20's for most of the storm, the wind chill dipped as low as -18 degrees as snow fell at roughly a half inch per hour for most of the day Tuesday after starting just after 4:00 am. It was after dark before the snow subsided and didn't completely quit until the early hours of Wednesday morning. Luckily, the forecast for Wednesday evening has been adjusted to all but eliminate the chance of accumulating snow.

Still, there is plenty of snow and with temperatures expected to be below freezing for the remainder of the week it will be with us for awhile. The City of Sidney did reopen its offices today, putting it ahead of cities like Kimball and Scotts Bluff that reported more snow. City plows will be out as long as necessary as long as weather permits.  High winds could hamper snow plow operations.  City Manager David Scott said that they will first focus on snow routes to make sure people could easily get to the hospital, fire house and other necessary locations.  After that, they will do what they can on secondary streets.

The state and county take care of major arteries like Highway 385 and Highway 30.  Those roads are now being routinely plowed as blow over remains a concern.

A number of private agencies and heavy equipment owners are in on the action as well.  More than 20 privately owned tractors, loaders and plows were in use to clear parking lots, driveways and private roads.

The city would like to remind everyone that as they clear their walks, they should not throw snow onto the streets, and they should try to clear around any fire hydrants on their property in case of emergency.