SIDNEY - It took just one entry ticket for a Lodgepole man to win the 2022 $1,000 Shopping Spree from 987 The Big Boy and Cheyenne County Country.

Employees at Nexgen Outfitters convinced Terry Landenberger to fill out one of the entry slips and enter the drawing during a recent visit to the Sidney outdoor retailer. Landenberger was drawn as a finalist for the contest on Friday at Nexgen Outfitters and automatically won a meat vacuum sealer and a $25 gift card from the store. 

Landenberger praised the staff at Nexgen Outfitters. He knew he wanted to spend the shopping spree with a group of people he called "super" and "really enjoyable."

"It's all down at Nexgen Outfitters," Landenberger said. "I've picked out a firearm that I've been wanting to get for several months. They got to order it, they don't have it on hand. Trent said he could probably come up with one, so that's where I'm going to spend my money at."

Landenberger's daughter notified him that he was a finalist. He says he didn't know what was going on when the Sidney radio station called him Friday afternoon to let him know he was the grand prize winner. 

"I never win any drawings," Landenberger said. "I've never had much luck at it, but then when you called, I was kind of speechless, to tell you the truth. Yeah, that's a good deal."

Hunter Arterburn: "Is it unheard of that you're speechless?"

Landenberger: "No. I usually talk too much."

The shopping spree on Saturday started with coffee at Beans & Steams Coffee House and finished with lunch at Sam & Louie's and Boss City Brewing. 

13 businesses participated in the month-long event. Radio listeners registered to win a prize from each business with hopes of becoming a finalist for the grand prize. You can view the full list of businesses and finalists here.