SIDNEY -- When snow falls and then blows, the end result is often road closures, followed by a challenge of "what do we do now."

The most recent snow storm that began Tuesday evening delivered on the snow, followed by wind. In the course of the day, officials strongly encouraged drivers to stay off of closed roads; don't go around barricades.

Staying off the roads resulted in families stranded at the nearest hotel or 24-hour cafe available. By morning, the streets were quiet, the snow was deep and truck drivers, casual commuters and vacationers were temporarily stuck between home and their destination.

Hotel managers talked about guests were varied from tired and frustrated to impatient with cargo that needs delivered and nature not cooperating.

Truck stops were loaded with people doing what they can while waiting for roads to clear. At Taco Johns Wednesday, travelers chose from the menu and took time out of the cold. Two friends, Andrew and Jacob, planned to meet in Sidney and Jacob, from Bridgeport, got caught in the snow. What did they do? "Eat at Taco Johns," Andrew said.

A truck driver spent time physically, spiritually and intellectually getting nourishment. Isaac, from Kentucky, spent his time chatting with a friend online, books open on the table as he ate his lunch.

"I'm snowed in, there's not really much to do so I do what I enjoy doing."

He opened a backpack of numerous books including a Bible and study guides. 

"I read about four to five chapters usually," he said.

Another driver at a Sidney hotel waiting until Thursday morning to deliver cargo to a Sidney business, planned to borrow a shovel from the hotel manager to clear snow from near his truck and clean up before delivering his load in the morning. From Texas, he said he loves the cold weather.