SIDNEY -- A workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 28, for those who are going through the grief of loss.

The workshop, Grace to Grieve, is lead by Andrea Waitley of Iliff, Colo.

"Grace to Grieve is a one-day seminar to help people move through grief," Waitley says.

This seminar will be held at the Evangelical Free Church in Sidney. It is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Lunch and a study guide are included in the $30 cost. Scholarships are available for people who want to go but are unsure about the cost.

The program is designed with four lectures with break-out sessions in the middle of the lectures. The break-out sessions are small-group discussions when people share their experiences and their pain of loss, working toward the understanding they are not alone

"That's where the real work is done," says Waitley.

She said the hope is people leave the seminar reminded of the hope they have to continue living instead of focused on the deceased. 

"I believe as believers we need to live in submission to the Word of God," she said, including processing grief.

To register for the Grace to Grieve workshop, call the Sidney Evangelical Free Church at 308-254-6162. Sidney Evangelical Free Church is located at 2763 11th Ave., Sidney.

Waitley says that while the workshop is designed to encourage people who are going through the grief of loss, it is also beneficial for people experiencing other types of loss, and people who want to know how to help friends and family going through the trauma of grief.