Benishes taking back possession of store

DALTON -- The store that is as much living history as small town convenience and conversation is closed.

The store, under the ownership of Scott Borcher, was the subject of a recent community meeting in Dalton when community members were invited to discuss options on the store's future.

Borcher had said he was interested in moving on to a new opportunity.

The meeting was led by Cindy Houlden,  Cooperative Business Development Specialist for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She said other villages have community-owned markets, or a co-operative. 

It has since been announced on the store's Facebook page that the store is closed.

Following news of the store's closure, Shad and Michelle Benish issued the following statement:

“Shad and I are lien-holders of The Homestead Market in Dalton.  Unfortunately we were just as shocked/unaware of Scott Borcher closing the store and abruptly locking the doors as the rest of the community," Michelle Benish said.

She said they are in contact with their attorney and taking "necessary legal actions" to move the store and inventory back to their ownership.

"There is no quick, easy or simple solutions to this situation," she said.

Benish said the process includes conducting product, equipment and supply inventory; acquire business licenses, tax ID numbers, insurance; change over utilities; contact vendors, point-of-sale, and credit card software they are considering all options at this time. 

She added they are considering all options including a community-owned cooperative, privately selling the store or holding a real estate/equipment auction.

"We ask that the community and patrons be patient as we explore our possibilities, while keeping what’s best for the community in mind," she said.

Borcher was contacted by News Channel Nebraska but would not make a comment.