County commissioners approve cost changes in civil defense sirens

SIDNEY -- The 4-H Council of Cheyenne County is planning a community project, and adding trees to the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds is their focus.

Michelle McMillen addressed the Cheyenne County Commissioners Monday with the proposal of planting trees at the fairgrounds. She said the 4-H is working with Galen Whitrock of South Platte Natural Resource District. The SPNRD is donating 10-15 trees to be transplanted at the fairgrounds.

The commissioners, with input from Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Tom Payne, also approved a request to use the 4-H building for the 4-H shooting programs. The presentation was made by Craig Bruner, Laura Narjes and Jeff Goble. Shooting classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The commissioners also heard and approve changes to the warning sirens for Brownson and Lorenzo.  Region 21 Emergency Manager Ron Leal met with the commissioners to discuss price increases. He said the cost, with increases, will be $2,328. 

The commissioners were also told the property owner in Lorenzo, is countering the offer to install a warning siren. The commissioners learned the property owner is seeking a hold-harmless agreement regarding the pole the siren was to be mounted on. 

The commissioners suggested seeking a different land owner. Leal said Marv Filsinger has a utility pole that could work.