KIMBALL -- The Kimball County commissioners  recently addressed removing snow for residents, and how to respond when a vehicle is snowbound.

The commissioners met February 7 in Kimball. Early on the agenda was a hearing on Snow Emergency and Abandoned vehicles in the county.

The commissioners discussed the possible need for "hold-harmless" agreements for when a vehicle is towed. Mike Schadegg of Kimball also suggested the county commissioners research storage insurance costs and rates to charge for removing a vehicle from a snow drift.

He said "so many people" are driving around barricades.

The decision was tabled for the county's attorney to review the policy.

The commissioners also approved raising the rate for snow removal. The county has removed snow for private residents at a rate of $50 her hour. The commissioners said with the cost of fuel the rate needs increased. The commissioners approved a rate of $75 per hour. 

The commissioners discussed with County Highway Superintendent Randy Bymer how to collect the fees. The commissioners suggested Bymer start by sending letters to residents who have contracted with the county. The letters would include a "hold-harmless" agreement, according to commissioner discussion.

"If they didn't need it this year, they probably won't next year, so you probably have a pretty good list," said Commissioner Carl Stander.