SIDNEY - Citing a significant decline in retail sales since the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasing trend toward online purchasing, DP Electronics, the RadioShack dealer in Sidney for more than 20 years at 3100 Silverberg Drive, will close its retail location on April 1.

"This is a difficult, heartbreaking decision for us," said DP Electronics Co-Owner Carol Porter. "But consumers' continued shift to online shopping, as well as the lost sales that never came back after COVID, make it hard for a bricks-and-mortar storefront to stay open," she said. The Porters opened the store on June 3, 2001.

However, DP Electronics will still be a part of Sidney. Co-Owner Dave Porter will continue with the service side of the business, which includes installation, maintenance and monitoring of cameras and security systems; access control; structure wiring and IT services. "DP Electronics will bring our business to you," Dave said.

And, DP Electronics will still have its Viaero store in Kimball so customers can continue with them and be serviced from that location.

Other factors figured into the decision. Carol, who ran the retail side of the business, has been pursuing a career outside the retail industry and the Porters would like to travel and spend more time with their children and grandchildren, something that was limited by operating a retail store. "With our children pursuing successful careers of their own, it's time for us to reexamine our priorities," Carol said. "We love Sidney. We raised our children here. And we will continue to be a part of our community."

"We'd like to thank our loyal customers in Sidney and the entire region for being supportive over so many years as well as the dedicated employees who helped make DP Electronics what it is today," she said.

Prior to the April 1 closing date, DP Electronics customers can expect inventory-reduction sales and events along with fixture sales.