SIDNEY -- West Elementary School students were recently tasked with expanding their imagination and designing a revenue stream.

Inventure Day was held at West Elementary on Wednesday, March 1. 

"This is an entrepreneurship program where the students create their own product and then have a presentation presenting their ideas," said Laura Narjes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educator: 4-H Youth Development.

Inventure Day is a school enrichment program.  The program divided students into five to seven-student teams with specific job titles and duties assigned to each student: for example, quality control manager, marketing manager and product developer. Each team was given a widget, a small piece they could promote as it is or as part of a bigger product. 

Each team is also responsible for determining the cost of production of their product, and retail price. They is also to explain how their product would be marketed, to whom and what method.

Teams presented their product, how it would work, who it is marketed to and how before judges. Judges also critique the team's presentation, knowledge of their product and marketing.

Teams are also judged by students. 

The program lasted from about 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.