SIDNEY --  The Cheyenne County Commissioners today were faced with the question of where to place the emergency alert siren.

Mike Fleming of Lorenzo was on today's county commissioner agenda to discuss location of the siren. Fleming said the Lorenzo community wants the siren, but there are questions of the proposed location.

Fleming asked what is the "saturation point" of the siren. He was told the siren has a five-mile broadcast radius. Some of the concern is if the siren is placed in the community the broadcast would reverberate off of the grain elevators just west of Highway 19 at Cheyenne County Road 8.  According to Fleming, the sirens would overwhelm the small community with tests broadcasting sometimes minutes.

Region 21 Emergency Manager Ron Leal said the siren tests only broadcast for about 30 seconds. 

Commissioner Randy Miller asked if there is a way to research where is the best location for the siren. He and Leal agreed to tour the Lorenzo area.