STERLING, Colo. -- Authorities arrested a man in Sterling Thursday in connection with a drive-by shooting in Denver.

Authorities announced "heavy police activity in the 100 block of Highland Drive" just west of Sterling. Initially, there was a shelter-in-place order given and the community was advised there was no threat to the public. The stay-in-place order was later lifted.

Later in the day, the Logan County Sheriff's Office issued an updated press release. The Sheriff's Office was informed about Zhanda Carey, 29, may be staying in the 100 block of Highland Drive near Sterling. Carey had a felony warrant regarding a parole violation, and other warrants stemming from a drive-by shooting in Denver.

Surveillance was conducted by the Colorado Division of Parole, and Task Force officers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives -- Denver Field Division, who confirmed Carey was at the residence.

Because of Carey's violent history, gang ties and reputation for carrying firearms, officials made a plan to arrest Carey. The Denver Field Division offered to take over the operation to assist in the arrest of Carey, and in securing the scene with the evidential search warrant. 

During the briefing, officials were informed that Carey had been arrested during an unrelated traffic stop. He was transported to Denver County Jail.

Due to needing to complete a search warrant on the residence, this morning, members of the BATF and local law enforcement, conducted an operation in the 100 block of Highland Drive to assist with the high risk search warrant.