(Video Courtesy: Crystal Palomo shared a video with News Channel Nebraska from her Ring Doorbell of a mountain lion crossing through her front yard at 3:21 a.m. on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Her house is west of Gering High School.)

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission conservation officers and the Gering Police Department responded to the occurrence of a mountain lion on a security video twice recently.

A mountain lion was recorded on a video in south Gering on March 9, then in a different part of town at 3 a.m. Sunday. Crystal Palomo shared her Ring Doorbell video of the big cat with News Channel Nebraska. She says the mountain lion crossed the lawn of her house west of Gering High School. She advised other residents put their pets away at night.

It's not known if the animal seen on both videos is the same.

Gering police officers and Game and Parks officers searched the area of Sunday’s incident but could not locate the mountain lion.

According to Game and Parks’ Mountain Lion Response Plan, a mountain lion that is within the limits of a municipality will be killed if it can safely be done, to ensure public safety.

Anyone who observes a mountain lion in person or on video should contact the local police department or Game and Parks immediately.

Game and Parks reminds people that mountain lion attacks are rare. Find more information about Nebraska mountain lions, including the response plan, at OutdoorNebraska.gov.