STERLING, Colo. -- Firefighters Jenny Breuer and Cody Fix recently completed their probationary year with Sterling Fire Department.

Ten years into her career, Jenny Breuer completed her probationary year as a career firefighter with Sterling Fire Department.

Firefighter Breuer spent the first 10 years of her experience as a volunteer/reserve member of the department. She completed her probation after the encouragement by several members of the department.

Firefighter Cody Fix also completed his probationary period recently. Tradition at the Sterling Fire Department is for a nice dinner the last "probie" shift. Fix raised the bar, preparing a 12-lb prime rib for the staff.

After 10 years with the department as a volunteer/reserve and much convincing from multiple members of the department, Firefighter Jenny Breuer completed her probationary year as a career firefighter.

Her crew was treated to delicious brisket for her last probie dinner and also got some work on a fire Sunday afternoon.

 Firefighters Breuer land Fix both received hand made leather helmet bands from SFD's resident leather crafter Lucas Revord.