SIDNEY -- The Sidney City Council approved a Certified Local Government grant application for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

The grant is to complete a Downtown Vacant Building Feasibility Study. The feasibility study will provide ideas for potential new uses of currently vacant buildings. According to the presentation to the city council, finding new uses for vacant buildings will spur economic growth in the downtown corridor. 

The total grant is for $45,000; $30,000 in federal funding and $15,000 matching funds. Of the matching funds, $5,000 will be in-kind and $10,000 from City sources. 

Melissa Norgard, consultant for the City and chairperson for the Historic Preservation Board, will assist in administering and managing the feasibility study. City Manager David Scott and Economic Development Director Jeff Klare will also be involved in the research. 

The feasibility study will include vacant and unused buildings in the historically landmarked downtown corridor, including Hickory Street to Linden Street, 7th Avenue to 13th Avenue.