SIDNEY -- The Cheyenne County Commissioners this morning heard a proposal allowing residents to reach county offices via text.

The program, TextMyGov, would operate as a type of switchboard with basic frequently asked questions that can direct a resident to the office best capable of answering the question. 

District Court Clerk Mindy Wiegand said the program could be used to answer frequently asked questions such as "how do I find the value of a land parcel?" or "When is the election deadline?" She said the program is designed to direct a question to the appropriate office.

"Ultimately, each resident of the county will have easier access to information," said County Assessor Jordan Hajek.

Wiegand said the program would also offer residents the opportunity for alerts including tax time, elections, and road closures. 

The program is offered with a two-year contract, she said. Cost to the county is $4,500 annually, plus a set-up fee. If the county agrees to the service and later chooses to opt out, the data collected would remain the property of the county.

"It's going to take care of itself once it is up and running," Wiegand said.

Commissioner Randy Miller asked if the cost varies with the number of offices using the service. Wiegand said the cost is the same regardless how many county offices sign up for the program. 

The commissioners decided to table the decision for further research.