SIDNEY -- The Cheyenne County School District No. 1 board of education approved an interlocal cooperative agreement with area school districts part of the VALTS program.

VALTS, Valley Alternative Learning Transitioning Schools, is designed to provide "for the general education needs and providing educational as identified and required by member school districts and further providing for economy, efficiency and cost effectiveness in the cooperative delivery of education services," according to the VALTS purpose statement.

The program is designed to offer alternative ways for students to achieve high school graduation, resulting in higher graduation rates and better preparation for life after high school. 

This year's agreement has Sidney reducing the number of seats, or students, by three to four seats. Sidney School District board member Brenda Smith said the VALTS board may approach northern Panhandle districts. VALTS may have to review costs or services offered. Smith said the program has a 50-seat capacity.

"It's a good program, if it all goes the way it is supposed to," said District Superintendent Jay Ehler.