SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (KNEP) - The Scotts Bluff County Board of Commissioners approved a change in resources for the upcoming USA Gravel National Championship.

During its Monday meeting, the Scotts Bluff Board of Commissioners heard and took action on allowing funds from Capital Improvement to be transferred to marketing to help cover the initial costs of the USA Gravel National Championship that will be taking place in Gering on Sept. 9. The transfer will be $60,000 and will be going into an account with the Oregon Trail Community Foundation.

Tourism Director Brenda Leisy said the county will face an expense of about $30,000 with they City of Gering providing in services and USA Cycling reimbursing the county for those amounts. The county will also have the opportunity of making more money off selling expo spaces at the event for $500 each, for a potential of $65,000 each year the event is in Gering.

The board as well took action on accepting a bid to restore the bridge on County road 5 near Lyman. The project will be completed by Eric Reichert Insulation and Construction for a bid of $465.357.90 and is expected to start in Sept.

If people have questions the Scotts bluff County Office can be contacted at 308-436-6670.