OGALLALA - The Sunny Side 4-H Club in Keith County collected approximately 10 bags of trash along Keystone Lake Road east of Lake McConaughy on Sunday.

Abbie Nordhausen, a parent representative for the 4-H club, says around 15 volunteers helped clean the side of the road. 

"Keep our county and world clean, I guess," Nordhausen said. "Just to help just a little bit."

Sunny Side 4-H has been an organization for 75 years. Nordhausen says the club gets together once a month as they prepare for this summer's Keith County Fair in Ogallala.

"I love helping out on this road, because then it makes our world better and clean," Sunny Side 4-H Club Member Maci Harger said. "We even clean up the fairgrounds before and after fair."

Ava Nordausen said cleaning up the road before the summer rush to the lake made her feel good.