SIDNEY -- The Cheyenne County Commissioners approved an agreement Monday between the Cheyenne County Sheriff's Department and Critter Sitter of Gurley.

The agreement allows the sheriff's department to dogs at the kennel.

"What this is, in the past, we have had a contract with a local animal shelter in order to house our stray dogs, specifically the dangerous dogs that we pick up that have to be watched and observed for 10 days," Sheriff Adam Frerichs said Monday in the commissioners meeting. "The party that we contracted with parted ways with us. We've been since looking for a party that would work with us."

He said the department worked with Adopt-A-Dog in Chappell without a contract. The new agreement is for the department to pay Critter Sitter $250 per month to keep a spot open if the Sheriff's Department needs it.

He said the Sheriff's Department has been looking for a new provider for the last two years. at the end of a 10-day wait, if the owner has not been found, the owner of Critter Sitter can do as she pleases.

"At the end of the 10-day wait, she can do with the animal what she needs to. In most cases, she wants to adopt them out," Frerichs said.