SIDNEY -- Cheyenne County Sheriff's deputies responded to a 6:52 a.m. report of trespassing on May 3.

Union Pacific Railroad officials contacted two men on the railroad tracks at U.S. Highway 30 and Cheyenne County Road 109 west of Sidney. According to a report, the two men did not leave and were contacted by CCSO Chief Deputy Jim Bush.

There were three people in the car; two men, Justin Hardesty and Robert Janouosek, both of Sidney, and a female.  Hardesty and Janouosek said they were trying to clean a deer they hit with their vehicle.  Haredesty and Janouosek were arrested for Criminal Trespass. The Nebraska Game and Parks was contacted and both men were issued citations for game violations.

CCSO Sheriff Adam Frerichs said the adult woman was not identified because she was not arrested.