SIDNEY -- Two Sidney men were arrested on multiple charges May 2 after they were seen motorcycling in the north ditch parallel to U.S. Highway 30.

In the arrest affidavit, Cheyenne County Sheriff Adam Frerichs reported seeing two off-road motorcycles traveling east in the ditch on the north side of the highway.

The report states neither of the riders were wearing helmets and both had hoodie sweatshirts tied tightly over their heads. One rider was described wearing a multi-colored green and black sweatshirt driving a green, suspected Kawasaki off-road motorcycle. The second driver was wearing a gray sweatshirt and operating a red and white dirt bike suspected to be a Honda. 

Frerichs reported that as he started his patrol vehicle, he saw the red dirt bike traveling westbound in the fairgrounds toward him and the driver of the white pickup truck honking the horn. The green dirt bike was following the pickup, according to the report.

When Frerichs activated his overhead lights, the pickup driver stopped. The driver of the red motorcycle accelerated toward the 4-H building at the south end of the fairgrounds. The driver of the green dirt bike made a u-turn eastbound and turned north toward Highway 30 with Frerichs following. The driver of the green motorcycle failed to stop the bike at the stop sign with U.S. 30/Illinois Street, causing a driver to apply his brakes to avoid a collision. 

Frerichs reported speeds in the chase reached 60 mph in a 30 mph zone before he stopped the chase at 16th Avenue. 

Officials later received a report from the Communications Center of a green motorcycle being ridden in the area of Western Nebraska Community College by a man with no helmet. Sheriff Frerichs was then contacted by two WING undercover officers who reported seeing the same white pickup at a hotel with two motorcycles in it.  The two men were in custody, still wearing the sweatshirts identified earlier by Frerichs. 

A probable cause search was done on the pickup, returning with an estimated one ounce of marijuana, suspected marijuana paraphernalia and suspected hash wax. A field test was done on the suspected marijuana, resulting as "presumptive positive."

Kole James Houser, 19, and Jimmy Wayne Adams-Wassler Jr., 28, both of Sidney, were arrested on charges of Careless Driving, Willful Reckless Driving, Flight to Avoid Arrest. Houser also faces charges of Possession of Marijuana Less Than One Ounce, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.