SIDNEY -- Cheyenne County this afternoon issued a Request For Proposal for EMS services in the Sidney area.

The Cheyenne County Commissioners learned by mail on May 1 that Regional West Emergency Medical Services would not be renewing its agreement with Cheyenne County. The company submitted at 60-day notice of termination of the agreement. 

Commissioner Randy Miller said the needs to know who is interested, and who isn't. He said that is where a Request For Proposals would be used.

 He added the county is working with the Regional West Interim CEO Melvin McNea for a month-by-month agreement until a new provider and the county come to an agreement.

"I think everybody is on the same page. I know that there are some other providers that are represented here today, and I appreciate that" said Miller. "But I would agree with Mr. Schaub. I think the first we should do is go out for RFPs; see who is interested, who is not," Miller said.

He added the current agreement does not include a subsidy, and he expects it to stay that way.

"I've been very adamant and very stern that we have an agreement in place now. That agreement does state... no subsidy, and I will stand by that. We are not in any position as a county, in our budget, to make any other appropriations to that service. I think in the past the ambulance service has proven to us that it can work," he said.

If your firm is interested in providing emergency medical services, contact the Cheyenne County Clerk's Office. Requirements include, but are not limited to:

* Director and Qualifications, * Company History (years in business, locations of business and/or headquarters), * Cost to the City/County/Hospital, * Current Service Area(s), * Complete List of Services That Would Be Offered to the City of Sidney and, * Cheyenne County, * Current Letters of Recommendations/References, * Communication/Ambulance Equipment, * Current Scope of Services, * Insurance Requirements and * Transition and Implementation Time.

A copy of the current Emergency Medical Service Provider Agreement is available at the Cheyenne County Clerk’s Office. Please e-mail your formal proposal to the following no later than Friday, June 2, 2023, at 4 p.m.: 

Beth E. Fiegenschuh Cheyenne County Clerk Cheyenne County Clerk’s Office 1000 10th Avenue P.O. Box 217 Sidney, NE 69162  [email protected]