SIDNEY -- The Historic Preservation Board is offering business owners an option to spruce up the street scape and front of the building.

The Historic Preservation Board has a program where it will offer matching funding for facade enhancements. Some businesses admit their profit margin is a little thin to invest in signage.

That is when the Board decided on a new idea. If the business or property owner chooses, they can forgo the facade grant to improve existing signage and have worn and tattered awnings removed at no cost to the property owner. 

Melissa Norgard, a member of the Historic Preservation Board, said the board decided to meet with business and property owners. She said board members are addressing the awnings as "Hey, we're just trying to make downtown look better."

She stressed the process to have awnings removed and receive a facade grant are two different processes. The facade grant can be found on the Historic Preservation Board page on the City of Sidney website. To discuss having an awning and framework removed, contact a board member. 

Current board members are: Kelcey Cottrell, Melissa Norgard, Victoria Loghry, John Phillips, Sarah Elston and Megan DeNardo.  The Historic Preservation Board meets at noon on the second Tuesday of every month at City Hall.

"Let us come and help you," Norgard said.

She said the board plans to work with a local contractor for businesses that want awnings removed.